This is where I like to share glimpses of my recent work, the inspiration behind
my photography, and the many adventures I go on with my husband.

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Katharine & Aaron 

More photos :)

Katharine & Aaron

I was so excited when my good friends Aaron and Kat asked me to take maternity photos for them. Aaron and I met working at Apple, and I was soon after introduced to Kat, his girlfriend at the time ;) It’s been amazing to be in their lives over the last 3 years, and to be able to be around during this exciting time for their awesome little family.

Coava Coffee Roasters

On our last day in Portland, OR, we headed over to Coava Coffee Roasters to grab a drink before heading to the airport. I could’ve have stayed there for hours. The lighting and the atmosphere is amazing there, and of course the coffee is delicious. Charles grabbed a coffee, while I had a cappuccino, and both were top notch. Definitely the perfect place to take photos, chill with a group of friends, or bring your laptop and get some work done. 


Took these shots while I was out location scouting at Russian Ridge.


The hubby and I came up with the idea of taking portraits of ourselves to hang in the bathroom. The idea is that they would be pictures of us doing normal bathroom getting ready stuff, like brushing our teeth or fixing our hair. We loved the quirkiness of it all, and thought it would be a fun entertainment piece for our next dinner party.

Friend Hangz

Kenn & Adrien

There are a lot of firsts for me with these two. My first attempt at some engagement photos, and in June I will photograph their wedding. Kenn and I have known each other for a couple of years now through working at Apple, and is someone I have great respect for, so needless to say when he asked me to capture his special day, I was flattered. I just recently had the chance to meet Adrien, but am looking forward to getting to know him more over the next few months leading up to the big day. Thanks for being my guinea pigs you two :)


My brother-in-law Gino is looking into getting into modeling and acting, and he asked me to take some photos for his portfolio. I was so excited to have the opportunity to help him out, as well as be able to add these to my portfolio. We took 2 days to get some shots. These are from day one of our photo shoot. He definitely has a great look, some even say he looks like Harry Styles ;)


Drinking tea in the morning is becoming a habit that I greatly enjoy. My favorite tea is Earl Grey with a splash of milk. Yum!