This is where I like to share glimpses of my recent work, the inspiration behind
my photography, and the many adventures I go on with my husband.

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More photos from my beauty shoot with Stephanie.

Makeup: Stephanie Dayonot

The Darker Side of Charles

Most of you know my husband to be super outgoing and positive all the time, so I couldn’t wait to capture him in a dark way. We all have a dark side, but I’m thankful that Charles never shows his, except when I ask him too for photos ;)

Makeup: Stephanie Dayonot

Sneak Peek of the beauty shoot I did last week with Stephanie

Sneak Peek of the beauty shoot I did last week with Stephanie

Riccardi Party

I love having a husband who will let me photograph him all the time. We took these photos a couple of months in out new Loft. It’s been so great have my own studio space to get creative in.

Harry’s Shaving Kit

California Living Part Two

Welcome to the inside! As I promised, here is a peek inside Jess & Vince’s CA dream house. I love the modern decor and simplicity of style. My favorite room is the sitting room. The furniture along with the breathtaking view is the perfect setup for enjoying the California Lifestyle.

coalisdark asked: I love all of your work! Its so inspiring! I followed you on VSCO grid too! :)

Thank you for the kind words and the follow ;)

California Living

When Jess & Vince approached me about taking photos of their home, I was thrilled. They purchased a home in Portola Valley, and spent over a year renovating to make it the home of their dreams. They updated and replaced everything except for the fireplace. What they have done is truly amazing. Keep an eye out for my next post of the interior shots I took of their amazing Modern California Dream Home.

This Is Ground

This is Ground just launched their new product call the MOD. Charles and I were so happy to be part of helping them launch this product. Charles designed the website, and I took all the photography for it. It was a lot of fun working with the hubby, and can’t wait to do more projects together.

Check out the MOD here!

Photog Friends

Charles and I moved up to SF a month ago, and so far it’s been incredible. We knew that we would love living up here, but had no idea how much. 

One of my favorite things about living up here is my new photog friends. It’s been so great having having fellow freelance photographers to hang out with, and share struggles and successes with. I met Mat sometime last year through an app we were both beta testing called Snapwire, and met Jenny through Instagram. It’s amazing how social media made it easy for me to move to a new city, and have instant friendships. I’m so thankful to have these two in my life, and I look forward to growing in our careers together.